Two Effective Methods For Removing Mold

Your home is your sanctuary. You do what you can to keep it a safe and clean environment. However, you may still accumulate mold in your home. While mold is considered a safety hazard, you can easily deal with it yourself quickly and effectively. Here are a couple methods for eliminating mold in your home. In my home in Austin, water and mold damage were HUGE issues.

mold and water removal


One way to eradicate mold is by using bleach. Bleach is a strong solution that can not only remove stains but also kill many of the mold spores and prevent future growth.

Start by using the ratio of one part bleach to 10 parts water. Pour that mixture into a bucket with a rag or sponge, or into a spray bottle. Apply that mixture to the mold, and let it dry naturally without rinsing.


Another effective way to kill mold is by using Borax. It has a strong enough pH to kill stubborn spores on many surfaces.

To use Borax to kill mold, mix one part Borax with 10 parts water. Try using a HEPA vacuum to clean up some spores. After that, apply the borax mixture with a scrub brush to clean the remainder. Use paper towels to clean up the excess liquid and leftover spores and particles. Allow it to dry naturally after that.

While there are many more effective mold elimination solutions, those methods above are considered some of the easiest to employ in the home. The next time you see even a few mold spores, you can use one of these methods to kill it quickly and prevent it from re-occurring.

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