Riverdale High School Senior Drowns In Percy Priest Lake


NASHVILLE, TN — A little more than a week before his graduation, a 19-year-old Riverdale High School student drowned in Percy Priest Lake Friday.

Searchers found the body of Corey Polk, who was set to graduate from the Murfreesboro high school May 19, around 10:20 Friday night, two hours after he went missing. Police say Polk was climbing and jumping from rocks around a cove in the lake and trying to swim across the cove, but did not make it. His older brother jumped in, trying to save him, but had to be rescued himself.

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“There was a man out here fishing that tried to help rescue my son but as he was fighting against the current. He went down a little bit further and the gentleman was not able to help,” Polk’s mother, Cherita Okoro, told NewsChannel 5. “The civilians that were out all jumped in. So everyone that was here that could swim they were out there. They were out there and they were looking and they were searching and I would like to say thank you to everyone that helped search for my son underwater.”

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